After travelling South America for some time in 2018, I found myself in the UK, which I remained in until the new year. The temperatures were dropping, the leaves were falling from the trees and the daylight hours were dwindling away. Therefore, wanting to put my free time to some good use, I decided to start this new photography project, Winter is Coming…

Documenting the changes in England as Autumn turns into Winter.

All of the images will be edited in a variety of 2 styles that I developed using Lightroom, however each image will also have its own individual tweaks.

Most importantly, I really hope you enjoy watching this album grow over the next few months as the scenery becomes that ever more dramatic.

Winter is most definitely coming…

(2019 UPDATE: Due to new travel plans and the sale of my car, this project has come to an abrupt end. Unfortunately I won’t be in England when the snow hits, but I shall be starting new projects from new locations)

Click on any image for full screen view and carousel gallery and don’t forget to leave your comments!

┬ęBrett Kotch Photography 2019.

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