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In this section I will be uploading various videos including tips and tutorials, travel videos and behind the scenes edits.

Please leave your comments below and I hope these videos provide an interesting insight into my travels and how I work.

Coming soon: BKPV004 – Tutorial

BKPV003 – Behind the Scenes – The Smoke Flare Test – 10/11/18

This video was made purely for fun, I have been wanting to experiment with smoke flares for a while now, after buying some online it was just a case of finding the right time and place to test them out. Having never used them before, I had to try to work out what would be the best way to capture the shots.

I’ll explain why I decided to use the settings I did and then what I learnt from that. So the first thing I knew I needed was a tripod, when working alone on shots like this, its essential to have your camera supported. I decided on a shutter speed of 1/100’s, I figured that as I was also using a flash, the motion would be frozen fine at that shutter speed. The aperture was set at f/7.1 as I wanted to have the majority of the sharpness on myself and the smoke in the foreground, I was also hoping to achieve a small level of soft focus in the trees behind me. My reasoning for using the flash was because I hoped it would help in freezing the smoke in the shots. Finally, I always use manual white balance as it offers way more freedom in temperature control.

Now take a look at the video and find out what I learned from the shoot below, including a few of the final shots!

As much as the shoot was a bit of a failure for me, I also learned a lot which is a good thing. Firstly, I wouldn’t have the flash set so high, unless maybe when inside or the natural light is really too low. A lot of my images were blown out so that needs to change. I would also suggest that having a partner would be a huge help. Someone to move the flash around and check the framing or better yet, someone to be the model. The only other things I would change is possibly use a faster shutter speed and have the intervelometer taking more shots, which brings me onto Magic Lantern, a free firmware add on for Canon EOS systems. It unlocks a huge amount of features on the camera including an intervelometer, a feature used to take photos at timed intervals, most useful for time-lapses. The add on can be a bit glitchy and it’s not entirely safe to use, it does come with risks, but with the extra things you can do with it and it being free. I decided to take the risk. However, as a general rule, I keep Magic Lantern on a separate SD card and install when needed.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, here are some of the final shots and keep a look out for my next smoke flare attempt.

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BKPV002 – Travel – Minca, Colombia – 03/06/18

A short video of a day trip out in Minca, Colombia. Due to weight restrictions on the bike I was unable to take my DSLR along, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to take the GoPro and make this little clip.

BKPV001 – On Location 1 – Back2Bassic’s Launch Party – 09/03/18

A detailed look at how I prepared for an event coverage job with a small tutorial on my editing processes.

I have since removed the final album for this event, you can still find it on the Back To Bassics Facebook page here.


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