Here you can find the answers to my frequently asked questions. I really want you to have all the information you might need in terms of bookings, prints and general site use, therefore I am happy to add more questions and answers you might have, all you have to do is ask!

If you can’t find the answer that you need, just use the contact form below to ask your question and I’ll promptly update the FAQs for you!


I provide a professional service that is tailor made to fit your requirements. I will give my full attention during the shoot/event along with a fast processing/turn around time. I offer high quality images that you will cherish. Each photo is carefully selected and then uploaded to a private gallery on my website, only you will have access, from there you can choose the images you like the most and I will send you those files in the highest detail possible. My images capture the moments you ask for.

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Fees for a shoot are dependant on the job and distance travelled. I only discuss fees through email contact. However, I take into account the details of the request, cost of travel to the location, time spent on shoot and time spent in post production. For a personalised quote or to find out more, please send an email to, brettkotchphoto@gmail.com

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You can enquire about a booking by sending an email to – brettkotchphoto@gmail.com – and we can discuss further details from there.

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If you see an image you would like as a print, in any of my galleries, that isn’t in my shop, then please send an email with the image details and, provided available, I will promptly add it to the shop page for you and email you the link.

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All images uploaded to my website are best viewed on desktops, tablets and mobiles only. This is to partially protect against image theft as the images on the site will not be of a quality to print or enlarge. They are small and low res. Right click on images is also disabled and all images are subjected to copy right laws.

I have provided high res, large print ready files to Metro Imaging LTD to ensure my customers receive the best possible print. Prices are reasonable and reflect my work and quality.


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After you have paid for the print, the instruction to print your image is sent to Loxley Colour Lab, they will then take care of the printing and postage for you. They print the image on high quality photography paper and will post it in a safe and solid package to prevent any damage. My feedback so far has been that customers from within the UK have received their print within 5 working days of ordering.

For more details on their service, click here

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All images used on my website are considered small in size and quality, they have been exported to best be viewed online. My prints however, are of the highest quality. I have provided high res files to ShootProof who work with Glasgow based printing company Loxley Colour, so when you select a print or canvas for purchase, they will be able to provide you the highest quality print possible.

Print File Details:

  • Dimensions: 5472 x 3648 (pixels)
  • Resolution: 300 dpi

If there is something more you feel I can add to this page, please send your request to brettkotchphoto@gmail.com

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Site Guide

I have put this together for anyone who might be finding it hard to navigate my site, hopefully it helps!? I have put my menu headings on the home page in order with a description of each page.


A brief introduction to who I am and my photography history, including a list of my equipment.

Home Page/Portfolio

Here you can see my latest posts and portfolio galleries along with my social feed links on the right side bar (desktop version) or along the bottom (mobile version). The site menu is also displayed on the left of the screen (desktop version) or the 3 line symbol in the top left (mobile version). There is also a search bar under the menu for desktop users or a search icon in the top right for mobile users, you can use this navigate the site. To start viewing pictures, just click on the heading and that page will then open. You will see the feature image and a brief description of that page. Then my gallery’s are presented in mosaic format, if you want to view the image full screen, just click on it and you can then scroll through the entire collection in a carousel style gallery with comments enabled. There is also a social and comments section at the bottom of each page.


This page has a link to my online store, where you can browse the prints available including travel images, landscapes and selected works in a range of sizes. The store is powered by Shootproof & Loxley Colour Lab.


Here I will be uploading various videos and clips. The videos will cover tutorials, tips and tricks, travel style, on location, behind the scenes and more. The page is new and holds few videos but I aim to make it a popular page to visit.


The page with all my contact information, crazy right!?


Here you can find answers to various questions about the site and print service. I have tried to provide the best information and help but as always, if there is something that can be added to the FAQ’s page, I’ll be happy to hear from you!

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